Meet Our Entertainers

There are performers, musicians and living historians on the train every weekend.

Many thanks to the Cultural Alliance for their grant.  Our entertainment was substantially subsidized by this wonderful organization.  Please support this group and their efforts to bring the arts to York County.

Jeff Greenawalt

Jeff Greenawalt is a musician, actor, and history buff with extensive experience in performing.  Join him as he tells tales and sings songs from the Civil War era and the Northern Central Railroad.  You might just find yourself singing along (perhaps sharing some Goober Peas)!  It’s a good bet you’ll want to hear him again and again.

Visit Mr. Greenawalt’s website:

Susquehanna Travellers

Susquehanna Travellers plays traditional American folk music, with a focus on the music of Civil War. They have been playing throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for more than 15 years, and in that time have developed a reputation for excellent musicianship and a unique acoustic sound. Susquehanna Travellers has had the privilege of performing at some of our country’s most prestigious venues including the Smithsonian Institution, Arlington National Cemetery, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society National Convention, and Harpers Ferry, Antietam and Gettysburg National Military Parks.

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Frank & Bonnie Orlando as Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lee

General and Mrs. Robert E. Lee are brought to life by living historians Frank and Bonnie Orlando.

Learn about these two great Americans as friends, husband and wife, father and mother, military tactician and superintendent of West Point,
the Lady of Arlington and the great granddaughter of Martha Washington. At the same time, learn why Robert E. Lee rejected the command of the
US Army when it was offered to him in April of 1861.

Visit Mr. Orlando’s website:

The James-Younger Gang

This gang of American Outlaws was well known in the 19th century. The group included the notorious Jesse James and the Younger brothers. Today this gang is led by Mike Hall and a great group of men and women who bring fun and humor to their “train robbery” experience.

Fake riches will be provided to the passengers, but the gang will also be robbing for charity.

On July 15th, all robbery proceeds will go to Armstrong Healing Heroes

James Hayney as Lincoln

“Mr. Hayney helps us understand Lincoln’s values and attitudes, which were the foundation of his successful efforts to maintain the union of states and to free the slaves. ” Al Holliday, publisher, Pennsylvania Magazine

Mr. Hayney will join us in June, October, and November .  He is legendary and very popular with our riders!

For more information on Mr. Hayney, visit:

Dr. Marc Charisse, The Professor of Prestidigitation

In nearly 50 years of performing, Marc has learned magic is a timeless art, touching something deep inside us — an urge to break the bonds of everyday life. Magic isn’t so much about fooling people as it is about getting them in touch with the mystery and wonder just beyond our grasp. Marc’s show is about sharing his own enthusiasm for the creations of seeming impossibilities. Marc wants the audience to believe, as he does, that the magic is somehow real.


MuZette, Cello & Flute: Since 1992, the entertaining husband & wife team of Tom & Laurie Reese have fused their diverse backgrounds into a unique style. Improvisation is key to their performances. Tom’s background is in jazz; Laurie has a master’s degree in classical cello performance. Tom & Laurie play music in many styles, from folk, classical, celtic, jazz, blues and more. Traditional Irish & celtic tunes proved to be the initial meeting ground between Tom’s jazz experience and Laurie’s classical training. On the Tannenbaum train, they play traditional Christmas carols (sing along if you will!) as well as tunes not quite so familiar, mixed in with Bach and other classical & folk melodies.

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