Author: Steam Into History

President Lincoln at Hanover Junction?

In 1838 the Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad constructed a line from Baltimore, Maryland north to York Pennsylvania. In 1851 the Hanover Branch Railroad began construction of a line westward to Hanover from the Baltimore and Susquehanna main line. It opened in 1852, and the point where it connected with the Baltimore and Susquehanna was named […]

General and Mrs. Robert E. Lee

Whenever Frank Orlando and his wife, dressed as Gen. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee, traverse the Gettysburg Battlefield, they cannot help but immediately gravitate toward Confederate Avenue and Seminary Ridge, not only for the inherent beauty of its landscape, but also for the historical importance located within the woods that surround the Virginia Memorial. It […]

THE 4-1-1 ON THE 4-4-0

On your next Steam Into History excursion, not only will you be overwhelmed by Northern Central Railway Locomotive #17’s brilliant bells and whistles echoing down the line, but you will be thrilled by her bright red steel wheels rolling and pumping their way up the tracks. The 1860’s locomotive is an exact replica of those […]


The latest on the track: Steam’s Party Caboose is now available to make your bdays, anniversary, reunions, and milestones an unforgettable event on wheels. With the ability to accommodate up to 25 people, the Party Caboose is a completely different and unique way to party in style. Guests can chose wether to stay stationary and […]