Groups are 20 or more people.  If it is a bus with more than 30 people, the tour operator and the bus driver a complimentary ticket.

Groups will need to pay with one check or credit card.  If it is a large group that wants to pay individually, we can provide a promo code in advance to get a $2.00 discount off the ticket price.

With groups we make every effort to keep the riders all together on the same coach.

We ask that groups make a 15% deposit prior to the excursion and tell us ten days ahead of the run the number of people they will have as guests on our train.  (They are welcome to add more to that number up to the date of the excursion.)

For more information about (caboose, groups, etc.), please CONTACT US at

Available Accommodations

We currently have three different coaches. Each car will have a car host to assistant passengers with any needs. There is one tour bus style bathroom aboard the train and two bathrooms in our station.

Combination Coach

This car sits behind the engine and tender.

The Combination Coach has seating for 26 people and can have additional chairs added if needed.  This coach has interior facing seating and it houses the one bathroom onboard the train. The combination coach can also have a table in the coach.  If there are little children in the mix, sometimes they can sit three to a seat.

Traditional Coach

Sits Between the Combination Coach and the Four Season Coach.

The Traditional Coach seats 58 people, potentially more if there are children in the group. The sits in this coach are forward facing.

Four Season Coach

This is the last car on the train.

The Four Season Coach seats around 40 people. This coach has wooden bench seating and is recommend for a party or group of people who know one another well, this is a great coach to ride in – they can comfortably seat a few more than 40 and be able to talk casually.

Getting into the Coaches

There are six (6) steps into the coaches. Three steps do NOT have handrails. The next three steps, do have rails. There will be assistants at the steps to help navigate getting up into the cars.

Steam Into History makes every effort to accommodate all passengers to the best of our ability. We are very happy to offer those who are unable to climb the steps, the option of using our wheelchair lift. When booking your group, you will be asked if there will be a need for the lift when your group rides.