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Jeff Greenawalt on the Hanover Junction Railroad Experience

Nov 5, 2017

Ride Time(s): 2:30pm

Winter is almost here and outside your window is the beautiful York County Heritage Rail Trail, while you enjoy this cool 2 1/2-hour ride to Hanover Junction. We will take you back in time to the 1860s, when President Lincoln rode these tracks on his way to Gettysburg to deliver his now-famous Gettysburg Address. Enjoy the scenic countryside and visit the Hanover Junction Museum on the stopover. ALL ABOARD!

Enjoy the guitar and banjo while Jeff Greenawalt narrates and plays a bit of Goober Peas as he entertains our visitors. Mr. Greenawalt has an extensive background performing Civil War era music and a good bet you will want to hear him again and again.

This is a steam ride.