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  • President Lincoln at Hanover Junction?

    President Lincoln at Hanover Junction?

    In 1838 the Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad constructed a line from Baltimore, Maryland north to York Pennsylvania. In 1851 the Hanover Branch Railroad began construction of …Read More »
  • General and Mrs. Robert E. Lee

    General and Mrs. Robert E. Lee

    Whenever Frank Orlando and his wife, dressed as Gen. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee, traverse the Gettysburg Battlefield, they cannot help but immediately gravitate toward Confederate …Read More »
  • THE 4-1-1 ON THE 4-4-0

    THE 4-1-1 ON THE 4-4-0

    On your next Steam Into History excursion, not only will you be overwhelmed by Northern Central Railway Locomotive #17’s brilliant bells and whistles echoing down the …Read More »


    The latest on the track: Steam’s Party Caboose is now available to make your bdays, anniversary, reunions, and milestones an unforgettable event on wheels. With the …Read More »

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The 17 in the Snow

The York 17 returning to New Freedom on a rare snowy train day, after one of the Santa Sing-Along rides on Saturday, December 9, 2017.

569 likes, 28 comments2 days ago

Thanks to Mike Thomas for his very festive portrayal of our train today.

212 likes, 11 comments2 days ago

For all the local photographers out there, the snow is providing a fantastic photo-op with the York 17!

26 likes, 5 comments2 days ago